Read what the international media says about Jivamukti Yoga

Jivamukti Yoga (which means "liberation while living") fuses dynamic vinyasa, music, chanting, and the embodied commitment to yoga's ultimate goal—enlightenment.

 Fit Yoga, USA


Jivamukti Yoga is the shape of things to come.

 London Observer, UK


Blows away the competition in acuity of teachers, beauty of space, and precision of work-out. 

New York magazine


Once you make Jivamukti Yoga part of your life, you will look different to the world and the world will look different to you.

Yogi Times, USA


Jivamukti’s highly regarded Yoga Teacher Training Course is the Gold Standard.

Time Out NY, USA


The hottest and best yoga in town is performed at the unapologetically spiritual Jivamukti. 

New York Magazine, USA


I always learn something at Jivamukti; they really educate the students.

Christy Turlington, TIME Magazine


All the spirituality of traditional yoga, but with a modern twist.

 Red Magazine, UK


Jivamukti classes are addictive because they transform you from the inside out.

 Gaia, USA


Jivamukti is the full package—more than just exercise.

 Christy Turlington, Allure Magazine, USA


Jivamukti...means ‘liberation while living,’ and the students of the method are taught to seek spiritual realization by beings agents of change in the world.

 Yoga Journal, USA


Meshing the spiritual and psychological elements of yoga with the physical ones, Jivamukti Yoga forces students to confront both their bodily and emotional limitations.

 Harpers and Queens, UK


It's this dedication to promoting an integrated practice that makes Jivamukti the absolute antithesis of 'McYoga'. Without Life and Gannon and their rigorously 'pure' teaching, the West's yoga scene would have been left wide open to 'disco' yoga and yogalates.

 Harpers & Queen, UK


David Life and Sharon Gannon just blow away the competition.

 New York Magazine, USA


Gannon and Life work hard to show that yoga is not just about health and fitness, and that spirituality can be congruent with the high-energy, vibrant lifestyle. Yoga Journal, US


Classes are demanding physically and emotionally, in keeping with the intention to re-spiritualize what the West was teaching as a purely physical exercise.

 Connect Magazine, Hong Kong


Sharon and David...charismatic yoga teachers for not only New Yorkers but for all citizens of the world....

Yogini, Japan


Jivamukti Yoga may be synonymous with the glamour crowd, but what I discovered behind its door was anything but superficial.... depth dwelled inside the walls.

 New York Spirit, USA


There's a level of spiritual activism here. It's not just what you do on the mat. You are surrounded by it the second you walk into the door, and it's infectious.

 Yoga Journal, USA


Lean, flexible, vegetarian, poetry writing, theosophist, celestial American yogis...their salutes to the sun are done by the stars. 

Sunday Morning Post, Hong Kong


Jivamukti Yoga offers the tantalizing promise of not only a well-toned body, but salvation too.

 Hinduism Today, USA


The pioneers of yoga in the United States inspire us to appreciate life’s depth and breadth.

 25, Japan


...holistic vision extending to strict vegetarianism and hard-core animal rights activism.

 Vanity Fair, USA


David and Sharon have inspired and encouraged us to think of yoga not just as a system of exercises but also as a door to the infinite.

 Sting, Jivamukti Yoga student


Without Jivamukti, yoga would still be an obscure practice of a few.

 New York Times


Meet the innovators: David Life and Sharon Gannon are American originals who are shaping yoga today. Looking for a highly meditative but physically challenging form of yoga? Try Jivamukti.



It's a very liberating concept and, suddenly, I don't quite feel so self-conscious. All I can hear are Gannon's peaceful words: "Let go. Let go. Let go." And then a funny thing happens: I let go and manage to stretch quite a bit further. And it feels great.

 The Independent, UK