Welcome to Yoga Dojo, Geelong's premier yoga studio where yoga really is for EVERY BODY.

You do not have to be flexible, young or able to twist your body into pretzel-like shapes to experience the benefits of yoga. All you need is the desire to improve your health and well being. We have the teachers and the expertise to work with you on your journey of improved health and well being.

Yoga Dojo is a professional, dedicated yoga studio located in the heart of Geelong. We provide a beautiful environment and expert teachers to assist every body experience the benefits yoga can bring to your body, mind and spirit.

Yoga Dojo is Australia's only affiliated Jivamukti Yoga Studio. 


A dojo is a Japanese term for a formal, dedicated training place. Yoga Dojo is a special place dedicated to the practise of yoga. We have created a beautiful space where you are inspired to pursue your enjoyment of yoga and improve the health and well being of your body, mind and spirit.

Where is Yoga Dojo?

You will find us at  21 Melbourne Rd, Drumcondra. 

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What's New?

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